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What did you do to your bike today?

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  • I worked on my bike chasing electric gremlins until 1230am. It SUCKED! And I'm still not finished.

    Turns out my kill switch and starter button both died on me in Madison a week ago leaving me stranded on my way to work.

    Since the kill switch tab was broken anyway I removed it and spliced the wires together. As for the starter button I have two bare wires hanging off of my bar until I get a switch that fits. There is an amazingly colorful array of zip-ties behind the bodywork on the deer spear.

    40k miles to retirement!
    2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
    1999 BMW R1100S(track/race CCS AM#259)
    1999 BMW R1100S(parts)


    • Didn't do anything to the bikes but we dogs clean the garage so o can actually get at them again.
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      • I pulled the fairing and gave her a tune up with fresh plugs. oil, and a clean air filter. I still have to put it all back together..and oil the filter,
        See you on the road scag!


        • I dropped the engine out of the 250 ninja and put it on a bench next to the parts engine. Hoping to mix and match whatever parts went wrong in the transmission and get one running hopefully for just the cost of a gasket set.

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          • Unburied my trailer, flushed out the old wheel bearing grease with fresh stuff. Going to unload it later and maybe do a squid rum on the bike down the street, maybe.


            • Carried it to my trailer location with my new hitch carrier. Works great! Super stable. There is a brace you tighten up against the hitch so it doesn't wobble around.
              You should see me in a headsock !


              • I checked a check engine code in the Buell, which says the front fuel injector is going bad. That explains the misfiring.

                I put the clutch back in in the dirt bike, after discovering it was a siezed/stiff cable that is causing the clutch slipping.