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    Everything is mounted up and working. I never did get the 3d printed airbox cover but the Chimera intake kit seems to be working ok. After a run at the kart track, there's only a couple things I feel like I need to address. Going to need new springs in the forks with my large mass trying to slow down. The Galfer rotor in the front is pulsating a bit. I might have to pull it and check runout.

    I picked up a set of moose Racing aluminum handguards but found that they didn't fit on these bars.

    The Chinese rear sets - meh, not very impressed. I didn't put them on. The pegs are only 3.5" long. Some of the bolts appear to be the wrong legth and relatively low grade. If I ever use these, I'll have to get an aluminum spacer so there's more peg to step on, and pick up some better grade 12 stainless bolts to use.
    John K - Appleton


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      Time for a season wrap-up on this fun little build.

      Parts list:
      Yoshimura RS-2 Exhaust
      Bazzaz Z-Fi
      Dunlop TT93GP tires
      Chimera Ram air intake
      Woodcraft front and rear axle sliders
      Motodynamic tail light
      Galfer front rotor
      Galfer SST line
      Gcraft Shift Shaft Guide
      Front fork preload adjusters
      Billet annodized brake and clutch Levers
      Protaper SE Handlebar - Honda Mini bend
      TST Fender Eliminator
      Carbon fiber license plate frame
      T-Rex Racing Bar End sliders
      Endplate swingarm spools
      Bel-ray 15W fork oil
      Motul RBF600 brake fluid

      Parts I got rid of:
      Kemimoto CNC Adjustable Rearsets (not mounted - garbage)
      Protaper SE Handlebar - Schoolboy Low bend (too low for my size)
      Moose Racing Aluminum handguards (did not fit)

      Things I haven't talked about yet:

      Protaper SE Handlebar - Honda Mini bend - turns out the other bars were a bit too low. Driving around town it was ok, but railing corners at the kart track were a little bit awkward with the Schoolboy Lows. The Honda Mini bend was much better feeling at the track.

      Woodcraft front and rear axle sliders - Just a little protection for when I go down. it will help the most on a left low side, but a right low side will still trash my exhaust.

      15W fork oil - This along with the preload adjusters was the secret to the front end. Feels real good. I'm not going to have to drop in cartridges or emulators. I may still try 20 weight next time.

      Endplate swingarm spools - Just a little something to allow me to lift the rear of the bike for chain and rear tire service. Cheap and they do the job.

      Gcraft Shift Shaft Guide - This was an important mod. The Z125 suffers from notchy shifting. I did some research to figure out why and it turns out it's because of it's extended shift shaft with cantilevered lever arm. The action of shifting tends to put a lateral load on the shift shaft rather than a proper rotational load, and the shaft flexes. With this mod, the shifting feel improves greatly. It's a rare part, had to order from WeBike in Japan.

      Other notes:

      I'm liking the way this turned out. The only thing left that I might do is a new rear shock. That is the weak point in the suspension. Hitting asphalt seams at full lean, like the last right and left before the start/finish and timing tower at USAIR, can cause the rear to start sliding with a little chatter. I need more rebound but the shock is non-adjustable. The suspension upgrade path on this bike is thicker oil and preload adjusters up front, and new shock in back.

      Brakes are much less of an issue than I thought. My first post on the Z125 forum was asking what I can do about this tiny one-piston setup. Turns out, when I ride this bike, I'm hardly on the brakes at all so it's much less of a big deal. There are still absolutely NO good pads available for this, and when that issue is resolved that is all I need to do.

      This bike has been super fun at the USAIR kart track, and it's really been scratching the itch to drag knee since I retired from racing. I think a lot of people fail to realize how much fun you can have with less than 10 hp.

      I'm excited for next year. Partially because rumor has it that the Road America Motorplex is getting 100% repaved. The track layout was fun and it had potential, but it was getting to be a hack job of patches and repairs. With 100% new asphalt it's going to be awesome. In Wisconsin, we may be able to say we now have the TWO best kart tracks in the USA.
      John K - Appleton


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        Maybe next year I can ride enough so that I can actually keep up with you!
        Matt J., Appleton
        2015 Yamaha R3
        Instagram- @motomatt_r3


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          This shows the Gcraft shift shaft bracket, and also a new home brew shift linkage. If you take the rubber boots off the OEM shift what you find is a formed piece of rod in some holes that looks like it came off a lawnmower. The shifting from the factory is notchy and sloppy, but this whole setup really solidifies the shifting feel.
          John K - Appleton


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            And then it was red. Plastics are cheap for this thing. Good to know for when (not if) I go down.

            John K - Appleton


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              Looks like 'Winning Red'....

              jus sayin
              WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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                That looks way fun.
                2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
                2008 Suzuki SV650 (track\race CCS AM#259)


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                  Not that I was going for Grom or Honda colors or anything, hahah. Actually I'm going to put some white trim on it now and make it unique. And then for the finishing touch: Eyeball headlight decal.

                  John K - Appleton


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                    White vinyl trim:
                    John K - Appleton