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No track riding in New Mexico; trails are my jam (and touring on the Beemer)

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  • No track riding in New Mexico; trails are my jam (and touring on the Beemer)

    Hi, folks, Spoot sent out an email blast so I'm doing as told. Some of you know we moved to Santa Fe in late 2015. The only track here is a treeless dusty desert thing in Albuquerque, now called Sandia Speedway, which isn't very interesting to this rider spoiled by shady willows and oaks at Blackhawk and Road America. I finally sold my WiRiders-livery SV650 to a Kiwi in Durango who's had a blast racing it in Pueblo and other places. I don't know if he's pulled the wrap - I expect there's still a lovely blue and white WiRiders SV turning laps in Colorado!

    You are probably aware that New Mexico is sparsely populated and covered by BLM and National Forest lands. Therefore, most roads are dirt or paved with gravel. Road touring is fairly limited, although we've got some favorite routes, like riding up to Taos on the High Road and back along the Rio Grande Gorge, plus all the jaunts to Colorado where excellent paved roads abound. So I got me a DRZ 400S a year ago and have been having a blast, and hurting myself, on forest roads, some of which get pretty gnarly with large rocks that are like riding on big ball bearings. It's a blast. I use the Avenza app on an old Nexus 7 mounted to the crossbar as a GPS/map guide, loaded with Forest Service topos, which I highly recommend - they're on the USGS quadrangles, but have all the forest roads and little items like old mines. They're essential if you head onto old logging roads with numbers like 7045J because there's also 7043K and 7043L, etc.

    So there's the newish-to-me DRZ and the '91 BMW K75RT that we continue to tour on (513 mi Saturday, trip up to see the Bisti Badlands, which are INSANE, and have a beer in Farmington); and I've still got the KZ440LTD Belt that was originally Carla's bike and I turned into a semi-cafe toy and ride around town.

    On the non-bike front, Carla and I both have excellent jobs here in Santa Fe, so things are quite good along those lines; our son Mitchell lives with us and is a Japanese major at UNM, just finished his junior year (he did two years at the UW earlier, then a few years doing music); our daughter is an English teacher in Madrid, she's finishing her fifth school year there. We finally sold our house in Madison at the end of March, and had bought a house here in October.

    Ride safe and enjoy the season!!!
    Astrin / Sam
    FR 10 on the south rim of Valles Caldera
    Sam Hokin | Facebook | Flickr | Madison BMW Club |
    1991 BMW K75RT road | 2006 SV650 track | 1983 KZ440 cafe
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    It's good to see you've adapted to your new surroundings and you're getting the most out of them!
    2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
    2008 Suzuki SV650 (track\race CCS AM#259)


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      Hi Astrin!
      Thanks for the updates!! DRZ sounds like a good bike for where you are. Very cool.
      Can't believe it took that long to sell the house, but at least the market is moving inventory up here now.
      I'd love to go an a 'easy' trail ride on a DRZ and explore a little off the beaten path some day. I like the pic.

      Say 'Hey' to Carla from the gang here
      WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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