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Back on two wheels!

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  • Back on two wheels!

    Took a couple more years than I would have liked...but I'm back at it.

    I really enjoyed the 25k miles I put on my '03 SV650S. The L twin was great, I liked the looks, but the components were obviously of budget quality. Suspension was meh, brakes were meh, and my upgrades to the bike were basically fixing those. ZX-10R rear shock, and I was looking into getting emulators, and an upgraded master cylinder, but ended up selling it.

    For the new ride I kept the L-Twin, upped displacement, Brembo brakes, better suspension(although...not Ohlins ), and obviously got that Italian styling!

    Question: Ducati 848 stock exhaust, is it loud? This bike's exhaust seems far too loud to be completely stock, but the seller claimed it is. I've never heard an 848 without aftermarket exhaust.

    Sorry for the terrible was raining, and by the time I got home it was dark...

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    Nice! What year? If it's older, some of the exhaust packing could have gone away, making it louder.
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      It's a 2012 with 6100 miles on it.

      I feel like they removed the baffles. My neighbors are going to hate me....


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        If it has Termi's, they're prob loud.
        The Staintunes on my VTR1000 are awesomely loud (not too neighbor friendly). Good thing its track-only for now.

        Oh, CONGRATS !!!
        WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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          Bring it over and let me ride it around for a bit. I will tell you after that.

          My 996 was VERY loud. It did have a SIl Moto half exhuast though.
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            Congrats!! Love the single sided swinger. Enjoy it.


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              Nice bike, congrats!

              I have a 2006 ST4s. The stock exhaust was pretty quiet, too quiet and didn't sound like a Duc. I put a pair of Arrows on and now it's not all that loud, but it certainly sounds like a Duc!
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                Got some better pictures after a good wash/wax session today.