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New helmet standard for MotoGP and WSBK

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  • New helmet standard for MotoGP and WSBK

    Looks like FIM is sending out helmets for their own testing. Starting in 2020 all FIM classes will only be allowed to use the helmets certified by them.
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    So what is their standard, is it different? Are they actually doing testing themselves? Seems like a strange move, that i don't really see the point of unless there is some major issue they are taking with current standards, and if there is, i would like to hear what it is. If they aren't publishing reasoning, it looks like a money grab (I suspect helmet manufactures will have to pay to be certified, and pay to sell any helmet that has their certification, which you know many people will think they need the FIM helmet....

    Just my thoughts!
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      I read about this a few weeks ago, and yes FIM has developed their own standard to test helmets against. I forget all of the details an of course forgot where I read the article, but probably Motorcyclist / Cycle World / Sport Rider online. One of their quotes made it sound like the FIM standard was tougher than the current SNELL or others, and they were hoping to set the bar higher for the industry. I'll see if I can find the article.
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        Here's the URL for the program website:


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          It's a money grab. That's all anything in the world ever is these days. If they have to explain it, they will just say "But... Marco Simoncelli!"

          The only way I accept this is if they put Snell out of business. We don't need mutliple approvals on helmets.
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            I am all for pushing helmet safety forward. I know there was issues in the past with snell not updating their standard. But every standard has that risk. Helmet manufactures will for the most part build to meet a standard, so someone needs to keep pushing the standard forward.
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