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Slimey Crud Run - May 5th - 2019

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  • Slimey Crud Run - May 5th - 2019

    With warmer weather on the way, the Slimey Crud Run is fast approaching !!

    This spring, it is May 5th - Sunday.
    Meet up in Pine Bluff (just west of Middleton) or in Leland (north-west of Sauk City\Prairie Du Sac).
    Morning works best so you have some time to oogle bikes and have something to eat.
    WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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    Anyone here coordinating a ride?
    1000cc of testosterone


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      Anyone notice these always seem to coincide with CCS races?

      Been years since I've been to a crud. Wasn't real impressed with the last one I went to. I miss the meet at Kitts Korner and then ride to Leyland. Although the 2nd to last one I went on, had some asshat on an old little bike zip between me and a friend of mines mom's bf's Goldwing about 30mph faster scaring the fuck out of everyone. Caught up to him and gave him a buzzing he wouldn't forget.
      Wait a minute. Look at those shifty eyes. That devious half-smile. Those kazoo-kissed lips.

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        I'll be in crapass IL trying to burn up another wiring harness.
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          Originally posted by Skipper View Post
          Anyone notice these always seem to coincide with CCS races?
          If only the Crud Run had a schedule that was known ahead of time. Like a set pattern. Like years in advance. That way CCS could plan around it.

          Oh, wait ...
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            Bueller ... Bueller ... anyone ... anyone ...
            1000cc of testosterone


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              I'm eyeing up the temp and weather. I'm not going to say the R word but... I suppose it has the name crud run for a reason hahah. I've never been to the crud run, but if I did go, I'd probably trailer down from Appleton and look for a place to park my trailer.
              John K - Appleton


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                I've not done it either, but I'm interested.

                Unfortunately this starts about the same time all my and my kids' sports start...but I think I could make this one.


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                  I have an autocross at Noah's Ark in the Dells that day, so I won't make it this year.
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                    Weather looks good for the morning. Bad for the afternoon. I plan on hitting Ho-Chunk early in the morning, then being at The Slimey Crud Run by 9:00AM. That way I get see the best bikes ride in, check them out, talk to the owners, then be on my way by 12:00PM !