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    Originally posted by -CN- View Post
    That's exactly it. In a few years time, I project that price will be 10% less and efficiency will be 25% more or better. So, furthermore, what will that do to the value of what you buy today? More than 50% depreciation in 2-3 years time. And that's an absolute sickening thought after committing to spending 10 grand on something.

    SO this got me thinking...i should look at a used one. After looking at used prices, might as well buy new. With the rebate, some of the 1-2 year old ones they are asking basically the same price. The few 4-5 year old ones i found appear to be about 50% of new price. But also offer less performance.

    Guess i compare to to the sportbike shoot outs of the late 90's- early 2000's when everyone came out with a totally redesigned bike every 2-3 years. Going to guess those depreciated 50% in 4-5 years. I don't think they do as fast now as not as many new models these days, but id on't really pay as much attention anymore either.