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Who makes shocks for me?

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  • Who makes shocks for me?

    I may have an issue with my little bike build.
    The guy that can make (and has made a number of them) a custom shock for my 90 VTR250 is 2-3 months out.
    Causing me to miss um...half the season.

    So, who can I contact??

    Nitron = R2 shock / 270mm // I emailed them
    YSS = X-302 TRCL / 270mm / $500 = I need to call them // (732)786-9777
    Works Performance in CA = I need to call them // 818-701-1010
    Wilbers = I emailed them. // poss fit with CBR600F1 Hurricane(?) 641-0020-00

    Ohlins made a custom one for LDH, when he worked there...

    I might try to call TSE and see if they can custom-make a Showa F4i for a VTR250.

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    I'd try Scotty at TSE; worth a shot.
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      You know, a shock is rarely used on just one model of bike. Maybe you could cross reference to see what other bikes it was used on, then start looking for shocks for those bikes to expand your horizons.
      John K - Appleton


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        Zaph - it seems that a shock from a 88 Honda cbr600f (Hurricane) is a drop-in.

        there was a post on the vtr site, that a guy found a 87-88 Honda vf750f or vfr750f was a drop-in as well, but only one post in all the site for that.
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          The OEM part# is only used in the 88-90 vtr250.
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            I have a call into TSE...I just need some dimensions of the OEM so they can cross-check Penske parts.
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              Man there's got to be something easy. Ninja 300 can use a GSXR600 shock pretty easily for example. Those are a dime a dozen on ebay too since they usually survive when squids crash.
              John K - Appleton


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                but a 300 is this century. LOL

                My shock is 266mm stock, eye to eye. This is a very short shock. 10 1/2"

                If you can find something "serviceable" , I kinda don't care what it is....

                looks like this:

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                  2000 to 2003 cbr900rr and 929 and 954 have 286 to 288mm length.

                  BUT they are eye to eye not eye to clevis like your VTR.

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                    and each 4mm of length (longer shock) will add 1" of ride height to my bike.
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                      I sent some 'mostly' accurate measurements to TSE a couple minutes ago. A donor shock will be here sat.
                      I'll probably drive it down Tuesday night so they can get accurate readings to see if Penske has mix-n-match parts to make me a shock...otherwise they would have to custom make one. If they have stock parts, it's $885.

                      YSS looks like a Chinese knock-off of the Wilbers or Works shocks.....according to a cpl forums.
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                        Hey Spoot, consider a Honda Grom shock while replacing one end eye with a u-clamp style adapter. One of these adapters might open up your options. Kinda looks like it might be right around the correct length for you.

                        This part seems to fit a lot of Hondas.

                        Kind of ironic how many shock options there are for the Grom.
                        John K - Appleton