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    I got an email from SOS Diagnostics on Monday of last week that they received the package. They said 2-4 days turnaround. Guessing they started Tuesday, they don't work Friday, and then the Holiday yesterday, so it was right at 4 work days today.

    I got the call today that they were done. Of course I was busy and had to call back; by that time they were done shipping for the day so it will ship out tomorrow, hopefully I will have it by Friday, get the bike put back together this weekend.

    So in the end, total price including shipping both ways, was right at $500. That includes 2 keys, cut, programmed, and a new code card. So when I get the parts back, I should be able to put it back together, turn the key and go. Immobilizer is still in tact, everything is 100% stock.

    I also had to order some special security bolts that hold the ignition lock on the bike because you pretty much have to destroy them to get them off the bike. That was $33 shipped from a dealer in Jacksonville FL that has an online ordering system for Ducati OEM parts.

    Hopefully this thread can help others if they're able to find it. I'll update again once I have it all back together and hopefully working! If it all works, it will be well worth it to be back to stock with the code card.


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      So, the box came in today, one day after 'expected delivery' according to tracking, but whatever.

      Hooked up the parts quickly and the bike turns on and fires up!!!! I'm in the process of putting the rest of the parts back on now.

      As expected, in the box was specific instructions to disconnect the battery before hooking up all the items, bill of sale, receipt, my lock, my dash, two cut keys, and a a code card. All I had to do was plug the items back into the wiring harness on the bike and everything worked as expected.

      So...huge thumbs up to SOS Diagnostics. Something I didn't realize is they keep the information on file, so from now on, future owners will only need to provide proof of ownership on the bike, and they can order keys without tearing the bike apart and sending in parts again.

      They don't only do this for Ducati. KTM, BMW, CanAm, Bombardier, MV Agusta, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio, Yamaha, Vespa, and more...


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        Good news!
        Thanks for passing along all the info for what was once a nightmare and is now a great resolution.
        WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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