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  • Favorite brand of tools

    What is your favorite, moderately priced brand of tools these days? I finally bought a rolling tool chest for my garage so I want to start building a 2nd tool set to keep in my trailer. It was a pain to unload my tool chest back into little tool boxes for my last track day, and I'm kinda lazy so I'd like to avoid that if I can.

    My garage tools are all ~20 year old Craftsman and have served me well. Unfortunately Sears stores are difficult to find now and I've heard that Craftsman isn't as good as they used to be. The only hardware store I have locally is a Lowe's and tools I've purchased there haven't been the best. The bits for my impact driver bent in the first few swings of the hammer, and my hand plane doesn't stay adjusted for more than a few passes but those might not be a good representation of their basic hand tools. I don't know though.


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    At this point, I would probably spend some time on Craigslist or at auctions finding older tools...

    Unless you have the coin to drop on MAC, Snap-on, etc type tools...those don't fall into the 'moderately' priced category for me though. Used they might.


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      For hand tools, I'm not as picky. My Stanley socket set has served me well for 5 years now, and I haven't lost a single piece, including the 10mm sockets! For power, these days I'm a Milwaukee fan. Often you can buy new on ebay or amazon much cheaper than in a hardware store.

      What do you mean your impact driver bits broke with the swings of the hammer? Do you mean the hammer within the driver? Or a manual hammer you were swinging at it for some reason lol?

      This is the socket set I've had for 5 years:
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        Adding a link below.


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          The original impact drivers you beat with a big hammer to get it to turn.
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            I can see how that would be confusing though. :-)


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              I was also confused! Clear now though.

              At any rate, I have a random assortment of tools from Craftsman, Snap-On (very few) and the Lowes/Home Depot/Wherever store brands making up the majority. Some of those really are ok, but I've slowly been adding Beta tools. Seems nice, the T-handle set I got is better than any other I've owned for sure.

              I've had...ok luck looking at rummage sales in the past. Occasionally you find a screamin deal from someone who doesn't care or doesn't know what they have, but mostly I found decent tools at less than new prices, but not a lot less.
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                Originally posted by GeoffOnline View Post
                The original impact drivers you beat with a big hammer to get it to turn.
                HA! I didn't even know that existed. I love my milwaukee impact wrench, (I paid 198). There are torque tests on youtube, and it has something like 1010 lb ft of reverse torque! Here is the video showing it superior to the Snapon
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                  I'm a fan of Gearwrench stuff. I have a set of their ratcheting wrenches I use all the time. I was a little worried about how they'd hold up but I've been using them for over 4 years now and they've been working great.
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                    eBay has been my friend for tools. I have picked up many Mac, Snap-on, Blue Point (Snap on lower grade), Cornwell, etc tools there. I just set a saved search, set a price limit and start bidding. Make sure to check how much shipping is though. Craigslist isn't a bad option either to keep a saved search on and get email notifications.
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                      Home tools are Craftsmans (the GOOD ones). Track tools are whatever I find cheapest, Allen, Harbor Frieght, Thornsens (Farm and Fleet). Had a set of MAC tools my dad bought me when I was 16 so I Could start "working" on cars, but those were stolen right before we moved.
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                        Ouch, that sucks Skip. Mac makes some nice stuff, and I can pretty much guarantee the a-hole that took 'em isn't going to use them at his new job.

                        I think I'll combine all your ideas and start looking for whatever I can find on e-bay/craigslist for track tools. If they walk off it won't be as big of a deal.


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                          My home tools have been Craftsman, collected throughout many years. Most of my track tools are Harbor freight + a few craftsman.
                          bw sure to get a couple of those JIS screwdriver I posted about - those things are REDICULOUSLY awesome for bikes!!

                          I just bought a HF 4-drawer roller for the trailer, much easier than the 3 or 4 tool bags I totted around before. It was $109 with super coupon.
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                            Anything in my dads shop if I don't have it.

                            Harbor freight anything. (if I break one it makes me feel like a big strong man!)

                            In that order.
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                              I like that plan too, but your dad's shop is about 1,000 miles away from me.