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    Most hand tools Husky unless channellock's makes them

    I've used alot of higher end tools and either they break or they don't have the higher tooth count that I like


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      Originally posted by Tammy View Post
      Whatever I can borrow off of people

      Anything in my dads shop if I don't have it.

      Harbor freight anything. (if I break one it makes me feel like a big strong man!)

      In that order.
      You should see me in a headsock !


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        All Craftsmen at work and home for the most part. I have some snap-on, proto and etc. Being a Maintenance guy I need decent stuff. I go through a set of standard gear wrenches every year, normally destroy a few 9/16 wrenches every year. We use all hilti cordless power tools, we destroy impacts and drills rather frequently, my grinder got dropped in a oil quench tank brand new and still works amazingly 3-4years later.

        FYI lowes carries craftsmen now, saw the commercial last night. I'll stick to them over snap-on, too rich for my blood.

        I bought a set of snap-ring pliers on amazon last year, they are very nice,


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          Great thread!

          I'm late to the party, sorry: I have Craftsman hand tools which I acquired slowly over the early 2000's. I have had them replace many ratchet handles since then. If I was to buy another set today I think I would give Stanley a shot at being a cost effective but decently robust option with a lifetime warranty. They are one of the few value brands which has 6 point only sockets kits. I stay away from 12pts. I attached a link from a representative kit.

          Related story: I tried to pull the cam pulleys off my Subaru WRX EJ20 motor which are notoriously difficult to break loose. Had a 3/8" internal hex bit, 3/8" to 1/2" adapter on a 18" - 1/2" breaker bar with a jack handle on it for additional leverage (they were hard to break loose like I said). Snapped off two Craftsman's like nothing on the same bolt, it didn't budge. Went on my Subaru forum. Guy on there said to buy the Stanley kit 85-708, I did, same set up as above to remove all the cam bolts and the Stanley tool held up just fine. Night and day difference on that tool:

          The 269-piece Mechanics Tool Set is a complete set of tools for mechanics that includes ratchets (? in. to ? in. drive sizes), SAE and Metric sockets (? in. to ? in. drive sizes), extension bars, nut bits, hex keys, combination wrenches, and more. It all comes packaged in an injection molded case for easy tool storage.