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2017 race weekend predictions

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  • 2017 race weekend predictions

    With the addition of, what, 5 new classes, how many laps will be cut from each race. I predict only one. So down to 6 laps per race at BFR. Time will tell I guess.

    If they do cut a lap, or more, I think I will just go back to track days. I am not travelling to other tracks to do such a small number of laps during a race. Plus no twin sprints, except Brainard, where Saturday races don't count towards points. Plus I am annoyed that they didn't let the R3 into the 300 class. Yeah, they added a second 500 class but, that just makes for less bikes in a race for contingency. I really don't know what they are thinking down in Texas.

    I guess I could find a cheap 250 somewhere and fix it up. I wonder where I could find one of those sitting around?
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    You must be talking about the rules in the back of the recent flyer. I just saw that too. The list of rules not accepted say a lot about their choices. A spec fuel was requested then denied. Most people hate buying race gas (MR12 especially) but do anyway just to be competitive. Having no fuel restrictions is just adding another cost on to an already ridiculous bottomless money pit style of racing rules. VP Fuels sponsors CCS, so you can see why there is no spec fuel.

    As far as the other rejected requests, I wouldn't have minded R3's in ULTB, but not RC390's. They are up too far in power. Some of the other requests though are crazy, like 675's in supertwins.

    I suspect the vintage class will run concurrent with other classes, so no lost laps. It's nothing but a cash grab to put more bikes on the grid. The few vintage guys that show up will get participation trophies. To me, 1992 isn't really vintage, it's just old. My fear is that some people will dust off the old POS in the garage and race it in poor condition. The techs aren't going to check for cam chains on the verge of breaking, or suspension that has not been serviced in 20 years. It's really a safety issue.


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      In sportbike years, 92 IS vintage.
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        I have no predictions, but let's just hope they don't shorten the races. With the size of BFR, races already seem short.