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    My guess is 1st place in each class of each region is eligible to compete at Daytona.
    Up to grids of 12. Example LWSS can have up to 12 Amateur and 12 Expert riders.
    1st race $130 with pit pass, $95 every other race.
    Same layout as Daytona 200?
    Commute time and cost will be a bit more than BFR.

    The Florida peeps will have a crazy home field advantage over the outsiders.

    Is this how it works? Anything to add?
    2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
    2008 Suzuki SV650 (track\race CCS AM#259)

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    Nope anyone with a CCS license can race it not just 1st place finishers. Track density I think is 40 per class (some 30 bike grids last year). Each regional class champion though gets gridded in front (if they get pre-entry in on time). Same layout as the 200. No the FL guys don't have homefield. CCS only races there twice and both times its open to all regions.

    Now for the let down. If you race LW classes like LWSB, LWGP, LWF40, theres a bunch of people who bring "triple cripples" just to race Daytona and a number of "specialty" Ducatis and Pierbons. Nothing like a 130hp "lightweight".
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      Anyone can race it.

      Good thing you don't race any of those classes Skipper mentioned! You'll also need a different front sprocket or rear sprocket.

      And team hammer track day on thursday or friday is $250. Only like 4 sessions though.
      You should see me in a headsock !


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        Meh I would just wing it.

        The only classes I have a chance to do ok in would be LWSS, Thunderbike, and ..well that's it I guess. Could race GTL and ULSB.
        2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
        2008 Suzuki SV650 (track\race CCS AM#259)