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What if you are in 2 classes in same race?

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  • What if you are in 2 classes in same race?

    So, I might have 2 races for the last round at BHF.
    This weekend, it looks like they are combining 300SS and Classic Vintage and Thunderbikes.

    Did I see something in the rules that says that I CAN pay for 2 races that run together, but I have to run at the last spot on the grid, but I can score in both classes (provided it is the same bike) ??
    or am I wrong?
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    AHA. Found it.

    3.4.2 CCS Series Gridding Procedures
    A. Unless otherwise stated, riders will be gridded in order of entry for
    CCS Sprint Events. (Note: CCS affiliates may use different grid order
    procedures. Check with the local organization for specific information
    on gridding.)
    B. Where entry level exceeds recommended track density, entries will
    be limited to maximum track density on a first come, first served
    basis with additional entries rejected. Rejected entrants will be
    refunded their entire entry fee.
    C. Grid sheets will be posted indicating row and position of each rider. It
    is the responsibility of the rider to notify race officials if there is an
    error in the grid sheets within 30 minutes of posting. Failure to do so
    will result in placement on the grid at the discretion of the
    Referee/Race Director.
    (1). Riders competing in two classes that are combined on the same
    grid must take the rear-most grid position to be eligible for scoring
    in both classes
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      Pointless IMO, paying double only to run one race! If it's not going to win you a championship, I wouldn't do it.
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        Yeah I wouldn't do that. Paying 65 bucks for a handful of points that aren't going to get you anything extra is crazy.
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          That is correct. You can pay for both and grid in your spot in the rear class and then get scored in both classes.

          Sometimes you can talk to race director and ask them to see if they can move one of the races. (I'd propose which class you would like moved and a good class to combine it with.) Doesn't always happen but sometimes they will especially if you talk to them early in the weekend.
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