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Autobahn May 4-5

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    Got the engine in Tuesday night and picked up the bike after break in/tune last night... Was up until 3 getting stuff done last night, and still a ton to do tonight, but looks like I'll be making it.


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      Weather looks great for you guys in Joliet this weekend. Sunny and 72 on Sunday! Have a good race everyone.
      John K - Appleton


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        I think i just won practice!!


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          Amazing weather!! I'm told they recently got like 5 inches of rain, so the sun ended up pulling out the water onto the track, which moved around and got worse throughout the day. Caught a number of people off-guard, especially in Turn 6.

          I got a bit of sun burn already, which is about normal for me.
          I didn't quite get the lap times I wanted, but had a great weekend, and got some Giardano's Saturday night.

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            Yeah, people were going down in 6. Had two red flags in my race due to all of the seeping coming up from the heat.
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              I took a new guy under my wing on Sunday. He did the Learning Curves school on Saturday, then showed up a little late on race day - and not fully prepared.
              I had to redo his safety wire, made him some number plates with borrowed yellow duct tape. Blue tape for grid position. Tire temp info from the Bridgestone vendor.

              He did 2 races on his R6. He had good starts in both (no wheelies). He didn't drop his bike while on the grid (like another person did in the rookies cup race).
              He also finished each race. I think he was also, not last!

              So...if he joins up, we can give him a proper congrats on a GREAT first race weekend!
              His name is Jordan. CCS #80

              His mom & dad showed up to watch him. I walked them over to the fence and talked the dad through all the race 'stuff' - they had never been to the track to watch him.

              I enjoyed the whole experience, even though there was NO ICE CREAM ANYWHERE !!!
              WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

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                I had a way better weekend than I expected for my first as an expert and my first on the new bike. I was the front of the back for the first two race I ran, and got a 5th and 2 6th places. There were 4 or 5 guys running 1:04's out front, and then another group of 6 or 7 of us running 1:07's behind them. Had some weird suspension issues through turn 5 later in the day that ended up being me bottoming out my rear shock. Looking forward to getting to blackhawk and fighting in the even bigger grids, and starting from the back and being able to fight through some people. I started from the front row this weekend so didn't have a ton going on after the faster guys got around me.