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What happens when no one listens to the rules at the riders meeting.

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    I'm fine with wheelies on the cooldown lap. However if they are out of control and dangerous wheelies THEN slap a fine on them. People with no wheelie skills have no business doing them. An anti-wheelie rule is just one those things the CCS has a stick up their butts about. It makes them less like a real race organization.

    However, until they get rid of stupid rules, riders must obey, and corner workers must report.
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      Like i said, allow wheelies, if you wreck, get a fine or a suspension. Or if you are deemed reckless (maybe reported by other riders) then fine, suspension, or back of grid...something.

      It's motorcycle racing, most are doing it for fun. A wheelie is less dangerous to other riders then 1/2 the race starts, and many many overtaking attempts made. If it ain't fun, people will stop doing it.
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        Was there a specific instance that caused the blanket wheelie ban?


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          Originally posted by Woozuki View Post
          Was there a specific instance that caused the blanket wheelie ban?
          Well a racer died at Mosport doing a celebratory wheelie and crashed.

          Mostly its probably insurance reasons. WERA doesn't allow them either. Pretty sure theres regs about them in all orgs, just depends on how they deal with them.

          If its just the winner doing them, they may look away, but the problem is now you see idiots trying them that finished last. We are already on a tight schedule, imagine how much time will be lost having to clean up some idiot(s) that looped his/her bike(s) AFTER the race.

          I've seen a number of guys get bitch slapped by their own bike looping a wheelie. It isn't pretty.
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            I agree with what Skipper said. Get off the track as quickly and safely as possible so the next race can get started. I have seen idiots screwing around trying to do wheelies and just wasting time on track.

            Get off the track so the next group can go.
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              Yeah, I'll avoid wheelies...I even loop out on pedal bikes

              I like to Marc Marquez it and get another fast lap in. But, you know. Not too fast...