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Vortex contingency for Ex\Am CCS racing

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  • Vortex contingency for Ex\Am CCS racing

    Vortex Contingency Program Requirements
    • Have VORTEX logo prominently displayed on both sides of the bike
    • Fill out the appropriate contingency form with the racing organization and list VORTEX as a sponsor with that race series
    • Have VORTEX sprockets on the bike
    • Must start race with 10 or more riders in your class
    1st = $50 certificate
    2nd = $30 certificate
    3rd = $25 certificate
    4th = $15 certificate
    5th = $10 certificate

    apply here:

    Contingency Certificate Redemption
    Contingency certificates will not be mailed to any racer. Racers must contact Vortex in order to redeem contingency. Contingency monies expire 3 months from the date of the event in which the contingency was earned. If you have any questions, or you would like to redeem contingency, please call 800.440.3559 and speak with a Sales Representative
    WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

    Thank You to my personal, CCS Racing sponsors:, Cycle Gear,