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  • Originally posted by Rocky5000100 View Post
    Tyson graciously offered my bike storage at his house while I have the suspension pulled off, due to the fact I may move in the next few months and wouldn't be able to move my bike without any suspension! We pulled off the forks and shock for service at TSE. First time ever having them serviced by a shop! Until this point it's only been fork oil replacement.
    It's going to be a sweet ride when TSE is finished with it......I'll bring it back down to a crappy ride by turning a few nuts and bolts while it's in my possession.
    2004 BMW R1100SA(street/Deer Spear)
    1999 BMW R1100S(track/race CCS AM#259)
    1999 BMW R1100S(parts)


    • Things that have been done the last two months:
      -Reinstalled suspension
      -Installed new QS sensor, since Tyson's cat was hungy
      -Re-torqued front sprocket and fixed lock washer, which was dangerously close to falling off.
      -Installed new wheel bearings

      To do:
      -Order and mount new tires
      -Paint fairings, I'm moving 4/7 and will soon have a great place to paint
      -Order number plates
      You should see me in a headsock !