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What's with all the airlifts?

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    Originally posted by borgNSR View Post
    I think bobcharles was in one of them.
    You are correct!
    My memory is basically gone from the period of going out onto the track at one of the mid-day sessions to when it was suddenly 7pm or so at the hospital. Well, not completely gone - I have a tiny fragment of memory while I was on the copter. Maybe five seconds worth of just the noise of a copter and being restrained.
    No idea how long I was conscious/unconscious, etc. But I did get a pretty wicked concussion all told, I was out of it for a good two or three months.
    Anyways, the bill was less than you might think: "Only" $11,000 or so. Probably going to get some shit for this, but I didn't have any kind of health insurance at the time. I'd been fired in May and my insurance lapsed on the 31st, and the track day was like the fifth of June or something.
    Turns out that hospital in Rockford has some kind of private fund for broke ass people without insurance like me (or at least they did back when it happened) and they waved the copter ride, along with the cost of about ten CT scans.
    Still had to pay the docs and shit, but I was willing to agree to that.

    Obviously I didn't need a helicopter looking back at it, but with how long I was out and my gap in memory, I guess it was good they did so just in case I had hemorrhaging around/in my brain.