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  • Ride for FREE with STT

    STT is continuing this offer in 2014 for people that have NEVER done a trackday.
    You will need to join their forum and post in the appropriate threads throughout the year...until you have done your first trackday.

    From the site:

    Welcome to STT's Ride Right Free track day program.

    STT will offer ONE free track day to any person who has NEVER ridden on the track before. That means at NO TIME IN YOUR LIFE HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A RACE TRACK BEFORE WITH A MOTORCYCLE. ALSO - you cannot be a paid, registered rider for the event you are trying to win the ride right for. (if you don't win the ride right, or want to purchase a second day to stay the weekend after winning your one day - let us know. If there's room, we'll sell you the day). We'll even give you a set of rental leathers to use for your day free!

    There are a few restrictions like; SPACE IS LIMITED (2 riders per day) and you must ride in the novice group. It is a raffle, we pick the winners at random, and all organizational rules and STT policies apply.

    Also, as a disclaimer, I may not have the suit size you need so don't be mad if your 6'10 and weigh 105 pds or 5'2 and weigh 450...yell at the manufacturers I(we) don't design suits, but I (and all regions) carry a full line from 38-52.

    Some events are not permitted due to venue agreements (for example, midweek stuff at ACC)

    To request a free track date (when we announce one on our community forum) return to the STT forum/community and there will be a thread in the RIDE RIGHT section for the event that is being raffled off. Simply post a reply with the date you wish to attend and your REAL NAME. Your name will be drawn at random and the winners will be announced with in 24 hours after the drawing close time.

    The thread topic will be, for example: Ride for FREE it's on STT! ACC Aug 8/9

    ACC Aug 8
    Trevor Sadler
    Richard Harris

    ACC Aug 9th
    Michelin Man
    Valentino Rossi

    All thread topics will be: Ride for FREE it's on STT and then the event with the date. You'll need to check back to see the posted dates, for we will announce them one at a time for each region.

    If you don't win the raffle don't worry, for you can keep entering the Ride Right raffles until you win! You can apply for any region's raffle as well regardless of your origin.

    Finally, this is on the honor system and if you've done a track day before please don't be the doorknob that signs up and ruins it for everyone else. I will release your information so everyone knows it was you...that's another disclaimer. Seriously, don't be "that guy".
    WELCOME TO WiR - Enjoy

    Thank You to my personal, CCS Racing sponsors:, Cycle Gear,